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Blue Planet Asia empties the largest landfill in India

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Blue Planet Asia empties the largest landfill in India

One of the major players across the globe addressing environmental impacts and sustainability, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte Ltd, has created a major benchmark by cleaning India’s largest landfill at Perungudi in Chennai. The dumpyard mining project at Perungudi, initiated by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC), represents a significant endeavour aimed at reclaiming 225 acres of land comprising a massive volume of 30,63,123 cubic meters of legacy Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

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“The adverse environmental impact of the Perungudi dumpyard extends further to the nearby Pallikaranai, a RAMSAR wetland and one of the largest marshlands in the world. Renowned as the largest natural rainwater harvesting system in the region, this marshland plays a crucial role in flood mitigation, groundwater recharge, and biodiversity conservation, while sadly experiencing encroachment-induced shrinkage. It was indeed a privilege for us that the Greater Chennai Corporation gave the tender to clear the landfill to Blue Planet. We are looking forward to more such opportunities to contribute towards a sustainable future for generations to come,” said Prashant Singh, Co-Founder & CEO of Blue Planet Environmental Solutions.

The area under the Greater Chennai Corporation generates around 5500 MT of Solid waste per day, which is transferred to the two designated unlined dumpsites/dumpsites – Perungudi and Kodungaiyur, of which dumpsite mining is being carried out at Perungudi dump yard, which is in operation since 1992. GCC awarded Blue Planet’s portfolio company Zigma Global Environ Solutions Pvt. Ltd., with the tender to dispose of legacy waste in the area. The company is now handling 50% of the contracted legacy waste quantity (17,30,584 m3) spread across 96 acres.

The scope of the project included the reclamation of a land parcel through dumpsite mining wherein the concessionaire shall investigate, design, engineer, procure, construct, fabricate, install, commission the dumpsite mining facilities and operate the same for the contract period deploying various material excavation and movement equipment.


The dumpyard’s close proximity to ecologically sensitive areas exacerbated the harm caused and underscored the need for the dumpyard mining project. By addressing the pollution and reclaiming the land, this project assumes paramount importance in promoting the socio-economic and ecological

development of Chennai. Further, over the past few decades, the number of offices in the area has grown exponentially, leading to a lot of IT offices and the related large apartment complexes catering to these offices. The population along the IT corridor now runs into lakhs. The Greater Chennai Corporation intends to establish a large eco-park once the area consisting of the dump yard is reclaimed.




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