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FMI’ Analyst view: “Flavours of Fortune: Exploring Opportunities in Burger Grill Business”

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FMI’ Analyst view: “A New Spin on Food Preservation: The Clamshell Packaging Phenomenon”

The global food clamshells market is estimated to be valued at US$ 1.57 billion in 2023. With the rising usage of food clamshells across numerous applications, the overall demand is likely to expand at a CAGR of 4.6% between 2023 and 2033, totalling a valuation of US$ 2.46 billion by 2033.

Emerging trends reveal that amid growing demand for convenient and safe packaging solutions in the food service industry, the global food clamshells market is expected to create an incremental opportunity of US$ 877.4 million during the forecast period.

Food clamshells are containers consisting of two halves joined by a hinge area, which allows the structures to come together to close. According to Future Market Insights, these food containers are lightweight, economical, and re-sealable and have become quite popular in the packaging industry. They are being increasingly used for packaging food products such as sandwiches, coolies, pies, cookies, burgers, frozen lobster tails, salads, and other food products.

Food clamshells are especially ideal for packaging fresh foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, ready-made salads, and sandwiches because of their various advantages. These packaging solutions protect fresh food while showcasing the contents and can be safely sealed with a tamper-evident label.

The rising demand for fresh foods and growing consumer inclination toward user-friendly packaging solutions may continue to foster market growth for food clamshells during the assessment period. Similarly, innovation in clamshell materials and increasing focus on protecting products during transportation are expected to boost sales of food clamshells during the next ten years.

Pivotal Shifts Influencing Food Clamshells

Increasing disposable income and hectic lifestyles prompt people to choose convenience foods and ready-to-eat products. It is evident from the ever-increasing food outlets that people are shifting toward readily available food items, which is the sole reason for the increasing demand for food packaging.

Clamshell has become the first choice for food packaging due to its easy handling properties. Consumers often complain about opening and closing the packages. As a result, food manufacturers are increasingly moving toward convenient and user-friendly solutions like clamshells. This might continue to foster the growth of the food clamshells market.

Certain packaging is ideal for transportation and storage but difficult to open, leading to wastage or reduced product demand. In contrast, the clamshell packaging is proven to be easily accessible for customers, making it one of the most convenient packaging options available.

The rise in changing food habits of consumers, along with a surge in ready-to-eat product consumption and growing demand for convenient packaging solutions might continue to bolster the sales of food clamshells during the forecast period.

Innovation and Customization to Cater to the Sales of the Food Clamshells

Consumers are demanding more customization with increasingly convenient packaging solutions. Manufacturers are developing various innovative designs, bright colours, and sizes to satisfy consumers.

The worldwide food clamshells market is anticipated to expand moderately as new and innovative package forms gain popularity. Technology integration into packaging improves product integrity, security, and tracking. Further, modern packaging techniques easily provide the advantages that clamshell packaging already provides, albeit at a high price.

It is anticipated that end-use segments of clamshell packaging are anticipated to eventually switch over to intelligent packaging solutions. Leading players might lead the change, while small players may stick with clamshell packaging due to financial considerations.

Regional Outlook

The United States Market Emerging as an Emerging Hub for Food Clamshell Packaging

Bourgeoning Demand for Ready-To-Eat Foods Fuelling Food Clamshells Market Growth in the United States

The United States food clamshells market is anticipated to expand at 3.9% CAGR during the forecast period, totalling a valuation of around US$ 436.38 million by 2033. Growth in the United States food clamshells market is driven by the factors including:

  • Rising demand for ready-to-eat foods.
  • A notable expansion of the food services industry.
  • Increasing consumer spending.
  • The growing popularity of safe and lightweight packaging solutions like clamshells.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, convenience foods have become a go-to option for busy consumers. One of the main reasons for the increasing growth of ready-to-eat meals is the rising disposable income of consumers.

There is significant market growth for the food clamshells market with the rise in packaged foods and ready-to-eat meals and clamshells are easy and convenient to use. In addition, clamshells are one of the most durable and safe packaging solutions for packaged foods and ready-to-eat meals.

India’s Flourishing Future in Food Clamshells Industry

The food clamshells market in India is poised to expand at a significant CAGR of 6.1% between 2023 and 2033, reaching a valuation of around US$ 235.54 million by the end of 2033. Demand in India’s food clamshells market is driven by a notable expansion of the packaging industry, increasing consumer spending on processed foods, and easy availability of food clamshells at lower prices.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, the packaging market in India has grown significantly over the past few years, which is expected to continue over the forecasted period as well. India’s exposure to technology has made a significant impact on its growth. Also, the country’s packaging industry is expected to reach US$ 204.8 billion by 2025.

Manufacturers are making innovations of clamshells with the help of technological advancements to satisfy consumer needs. Thus, increasing growth in innovations of clamshells may support the development of the food clamshells market in the country during the assessment period.

Escalating Global Concerns Accelerate Demand for China’s Food Clamshells Market

Consumer preferences, laws, environmental concerns, and technological improvements impact China’s food clamshells business. Also, plastic pollution and ecological sustainability are the key global concerns, pushing demand for biodegradable food packaging alternatives.

China has been attempting to improve its waste management and environmental standards, including limiting single-use plastics. The government of China has implemented several laws to reduce plastic pollution, which may impact the food clamshell industry by encouraging the adoption of environment-friendly materials.

Competitive Scenario

Due to the presence of small-sized companies in the sector, the food clamshell packaging market needs to be more cohesive. Tier-1 companies account for 20-30% of the market’s value.

Global leaders primarily focus on mergers and acquisitions to acquire a competitive advantage in the market and consistently invest in research and development operations to create new products that meet end-user requirements.


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